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Spelicalist Aslı Akkor

Spelicalist Aslı Akkor
Spelicalist Aslı Akkor, MD, graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1981, and from Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1987. She then specialized in the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation in Cerrrahpasa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1994.

She has worked in the pharmaceutical sector in domestic and foreign companies for nearly 10 years alongside with her clinical medical profession. She gained experience as a medical administrator in different positions in various stages of clinical research and especially in the medical field during her professional life that she maintained in Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceutical Industry, Schering German Pharmaceutical Industry and Schering Plough Medical Products Inc. which are among the leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector. In this period, she received education in many areas such as People Management Skills (Switzerland), Good Clinical Practice Training (Germany, Turkey), Presentation Methods and Communication Skills (Germany, Switzerland), Marketing and Sales Techniques (France, Turkey), Coaching Training (France, Turkey), Sales and Marketing Skills Education (France, Turkey).
In 2005, she completed the Faculty of Business Administration, Hospital Administration Program in Istanbul Technical University. She also completed the training for ISO 9001 Quality Systems at the same university. She currently continues the Master’s program in the Department of Cultural Studies in Bilgi University.

Spelicalist Aslı Akkor, MD, has pursued her works in the health field through her professional experience as well as the trainings she acquired in Akkor Health Services which was established by her and the surgeon Aybars Akkor, MD, in 1998.

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  • Spelicalist Aslı Akkor
    Spelicalist Aslı Akkor

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