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Dr. Aybars Akkor

Dr. Aybars Akkor
I was born in Istanbul in 1962. I was graduated from Yesilyurt Hamdullah Suphi Tanriover Elementary school (1973). I was the third in Milliyet Primary Schools Information and Culture Competition.
I was first in Anatolian High Schools Entrance Exam in Turkey and went to Istanbul German High School and then I was graduated from there. Among this time, as a result of my scientific activities, I was third of Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution Mathematics Competition in Marmara Region (1977), championship of Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution Scholarship Exam in Turkey (1978), Marmara Region championship Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution Chemistry Competition (1981), and I got German School "Murat Etaner Award" (1981).

In 1981, I began to Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, as 17th of Turkey in University Entrance Exam and I was graduated from the university in 1987. During my studentship, I did my internships with Prof. Dr. Ş. TUNCEL in Danish Medical Summer School (1984) and the German Hospital. (1985-1987). I completed my compulsory service in the Manisa State Hospital (1987-1988).

I also completed my specialized education between the years 1988-1994 in Department of Neurosurgery in Istanbul Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital. I watched Microsurgery surgeries of Professor Dr. Gazi Yasargil with admiration in University of Zurich, Switzerland (1991). After the military service Van Gendarmerie Brigade Military Hospital, in 1992, I completed my master degree in Faculty of Business Management in Hospital, Istanbul University (1993-1994).

I started to business life in International Hospital as Deputy Chief Physician (august 1994- March 1995). After that, respectively, I have been Head Physician of German Hospital (March 1995-July 1995), Head Physician of Camlica Life Hospital (December 1995-February 1997), Head Physician of Kadikoy Sifa Hospital (March 1997-November 1997), and Administrative Coordinator of Istanbul Surgery Hospital (December 1997-July 1998), Administrative Coordinator and Brain Surgery Specialist of Camlica Life Hospital (August 1999 - June 2000), Neurosurgery Specialist in European Florence Nightingale Hospital (June 2000), Neurosurgery Specialist in Osmanoğlu Hospital (June 2000-May 2001), Neurosurgery Specialist in Turkey Hospital (May 2001), Neurosurgery Specialist in Memorial Hospital (2001-2003), Neurosurgery Specialist in European Florence Nightingale Hospital (2003-2006), Fulya Acibadem Hospital, and Acibadem JFK Hospital. I carried out my duties in these hospitals successfully.

  • I still do my surgeries in Fulya Acibadem and Istanbul Surgery Hospitals.
  • Training and Courses that I attended;
  • Microsurgery Internship with Prof. Dr. V. DOLENC in Ljublyana University, Slovenia (1991),
  • Laser Internship on the control of Prof. Dr. P. W. ASCHER in Graz University, Austria (1991),
  • Stereotaxy and radio surgery Internship with Prof. Dr. W. STURM in University of Cologne, Germany (1993),
  • Spine Surgery Internship with Prof. J. Maroon in Pittsburgh Allegheny Hospital, U.S.A. (February 1998),
  • Endoscopic Discectomy Internship with Prof. H.J. Leu in Zurich Switzerland (January 1999),
  • Micro Endoscopic Discectomy Internship with Prof. Bruno Brayda in Turin, Italy (February-March 1999),
  • Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Course in Cambridge, England (August 1999),
  • Microdiscectomy spinal surgery course in Munich, Germany (March 2004),
  • Microdiscectomy spinal surgery course in Munich, Germany (February 2007),

Social activities:
  • Member of the Board of German High School Association Member of Minimum Wage Coefficient Fixing Commission of Turkish Neurosurgical Society
  • Founder Chairman of the Association of Health Care Administrators (September 1995-December 1996)
  • Turkey Handball Federation Istanbul Regional Secretariat (1985-1987)
  • Yesilyurt Sports Club Athletics Branch captain (1982-1984) Yesilyurt Sports Club Handball Branch captain (1984-1987)
  • Secretariat of I. International Bakirkoy Congress Days (1990)
  • Secretariat of II. International Bakirkoy Congress Days (1993)

I have been serving private practice medicine in Akkor Health Services since July 1998. Address: Fulya Terrace Center 2 Block Layer: 3 Fulya, Sisli/Istanbul.

I am married and the father of a daughter. I know English and German very well.

In order to relieve the stress of a busy work, I would like to visit different new-opened restaurants, solve puzzles before the operations, and if I had free time, I prefer to go around bookstores.

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