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Antalgic Trak Support

  1.        Provides longterm recovery without surgery
  2.        Increases lifequality
  3.        High achievementrates

What is SpinalDecompression?

Compression on anatomic structures causing lower backand neck pain is called Spinal Compression. As pressure towards the oppositeside is applied, the compression is removed and the disc is resettled into itsoriginal position, leading to Spinal Decompression.

Antalgic Trak

Spinal Decompression is a specilized mechanicaltherapy used to ’un-pinch’ nerves. Apart from increasing spacing betweenvertebrae and replacement of discs into their original locations, this kind oftherapy increases blood flow to the region, further accelerating the healingprocess. Spinal Decompression therapy is painless and custom-made according tothe patient’s needs and conditions such as age. Antalgic Trak device graduallyincreases the space between spinal discs while resolving compression on thenerves.


Antalgic TrakSupport

Antalgic Trak is the first spinaldecompression system that increases joint mobility and has been approved by theUnited States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as compression resolvingtreatment on spinal herniation.

Antalgic Trak is a device thatincreases the distance between the spinal discs slowly and resolves thecompression on the nerves. The positioning of the device (horizontal/vertical)is determined during each session according to patient’s conditions. AntalgicTrak Support program depends additionally on height, weight, age andflexibility of the patient.

Antalgic Trak Support/SpinalDecompression Therapy may be used to treat herniated disc in the neck or lowerback, vertebral canal stenosis, hip and leg pain, increased curvatures of thespine and scoliosis. 

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