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Akkor Sağlık
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About Us

Akkor Sağlık - About Us
Akkor Healthcare Services was founded by Surgeon Aybars Akkor who has been specilized on “Spine Surgery” of Neurosurgery field and Anaesthetist Dr. Aslı Akkor on July, 1998. Our purpose for foundation was to provide a qualified healthcare service in a suitable and comfortable environment especially for the patients who have low back pain and neck pain and to produce treatment solutions. We and our team are very pleased to observe the increase in number and satisfaction of the patients that we try to provide support on medical problems of the lower back and neck as much as we can.

We have transferred our services into more suitable places and increased number and qualification of our healthcare consultants who provide support to our patients as well to provide more qualified services to our patients since 1998. Also, we aimed to inform our patients about this field as a result of development of the medicine for low back and neck pain patients and introduction of new and different methods other than the surgery in years.

It was a problem ay any time that what different and efficient treatments might be applied in cases that do not require absolute surgery. Although physiotherapy is recommended for the patients, compliance problems to the physiotherapy which requires regular and daily application; long physiotherapy periods to be applied for the patients who are in a stressful active business life were unfortunately enough to resolve treatment requirements of the patient. Therefore, as Akkor healthcare Team, we have searched for the methods that will provide accurate results for the patients with lower back and neck problems within a short period and will not require treatment for a long time and we have evaluated these methods. Consequently, we decided that to decrease the muscular tension within a short period, remove possible mechanical compression and conscious exercise following resolution of the painful period are very important; and there is possibility to resolve this problem rapidly with a support system with a multidisciplinary approach including many consultants.

We have started to use computed tension-traction device called "Antalgic Trak" which is an efficient device for treatment of lumbar and cervical herniation and has been used widely for stress and tension originated lumbar and cervical problems without surgery as a result of our studies that we have performed in United States where low back and neck pain problem is common. Besides, we work with an experienced Chiropractor who has been trained in United States.

However, we observed the efficiency of "Ozone Treatment" method that has been used increasingly on low back and neck pains and we benefit from myorelaxant effect in particular on the treatment of low back and neck pains and we have started to apply this method with other methods. We also provide support to our patients with our physician consultant in our team. Furthermore, we have started "Oestopathy and Exercise Consultancy" application which provide significant contribution on muscular tension and muscular weakness. Our physiotherapist consultant provides consultancy to our patients who have trouble on how to move after the surgery and supports such patients to return their usual daily life as soon as possible. As we are aware that stress factor creates a basis for lumbar and cervical problems in general, we perform the abovementioned supports under coordination and supervision of our Consultant Psychologist.

Consequently, Akkor Healthcare Services has become an organization where many approaches for the patients with low back and neck pain problems are provided in years since the foundation.